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Hakohav Valves was founded in 1963 by two young visionary engineers who set their goal to become a leading player in the global valves industry.

What started over 50 years ago, in a small workshop has developed over the years to be a highly respected company with advanced modern manufacturing facilities that earned its worldwide reputation for having long lasting valves.

The combination of innovative technologies including machining, assembly lines, oven painting, special coating techniques and state of the art testing machinery, assures accuracy durability and reliability and enables us to offer comprehensive solutions designed to withstand the most demanding applications.

Our skilled and dedicated engineers are there to find creative solutions for the most challenging applications; each one is an expert in their field and with accumulated knowledge of decades,

As a manufacturer we are committed to the industry's most demanding standards allowing our clients to benefit from our experience and expertise.

Hakohav Valves long lasting products are known for their reliability and durability and can be found in some of the biggest desalination plants in the world as well as in the chemical industry, water infrastructure and firefighting applications.

We strive for constant improvement of our products and services through great teamwork and constant market analysis.

Our success is built upon understanding our customer's needs, earning their trust and loyalty by finding innovating solutions for their demanding applications.

What started up as a dream is turning out to be a vivid reality.

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